A.S.C. Hemik d.o.o.

The Company was established in 2001. Since 2003, we produce exclusively new, original PVC compound, which is placed on domestic, Serbian and foriegn market. We directly cooperate with leading EU producers of raw materials, which we use in our production. Stabile quality of our compounds, we provide by using the same, prime quality of raw materials from same suppliers. We inplemented ISO9001 quality management standard.

Our PVC Compounds can be divided in two basic groups:

  • 1. PVC Compounds (U-PVC, P-PVC)
  • 2. TPE Compounds (PVC/NBR)
  • We produce PVC Compounds in both variants: rigid U-PVC (unplasticized) and soft P-PVC (plasticized)
Tvrdi U-pvc granulati


Rigid, (unplasticized) U-PVC compounds are produced in white, black and natural color, for extrusion and injection moulding, and for bigger quantity we are able to produce in any color regarding customer request. Our rigid compounds are used for production of roller shuters, curtain rails, wall coverings, fences, furniture parts, corner net profiles, cable ducts, and all other kinds of technical extruded rigid profiles, as well as for all kind of sewage fittings and wide range of different injection products.

Meki P-pvc granulati


Soft, (plasticized) P-PVC compounds are produced in transparent (unfilled) and natural variants (filled), and they can be colored in different colors (white, black, blue, green...) Our soft compounds are used for production of spiral hoses (in combination with our U-PVC), garden hoses, (transparent and colored), drainage hoses, aluminium and PVC window gaskets, isolation of cables and plastification of cable ropes, furniture edging tapes, furniture parts, and all other extruded and injection molded products where PVC is used.

Termoplastični granulati


TPE (thermoplastic elastomers, PVC/NBR) compounds is an mixture (blend) of soft PVC and sinthetic rubber (NBR) in our production. In many cases TPE can replace natural rubber. Advantage of TPE comparing to natural rubber is that can be processed again, so the spoilage of raw material is minimized. TPE compounds are produced in natural (uncoloured) and black color, but by request we can color it in any color.


Do you sell PVC compound and other plastic raw materials?
Yes, but our company produce and sell only PVC compound. We do not sell PE,PP,PS,PC,ABS,PA ...
How many types of PVC compound you produce?
We produce over 140 types of PVC compounds, where 60 types are standard grades, and rest are „tailor made“, which we produce on customer’s demand.
What is the smallest quantity of PVC compound that we can buy?
The smallest quantity is 25kg.
How do you pack you PVC compound?
Our PVC compounds are packed in 25kg two layer paper bags, on 1 ton Euro pallet or in Jumbo bags of 1000-1250 kg.
Do you issue origin certificate EUR1?
Yes. We issue EUR1 movement certificate for export in EU.
Wheder your PVC compounds toxic?
No. Our company produce non toxic PVC compounds according strict EU standards, as REACH and RoHS. Our compounds doesn’t have heavy metals (Pb, SN) as well as dioctyl phtalate (DOP, DEHP).
Do you use in your production regrinded PVC waste?
No. We use exclusively new - virgin raw materials in our production, produced by well known recognized European producers.

How to reach us

  • A.S.C. HEMIK doo
  • Ul. Vojvode Brane 57, 11109 Beograd, Srbija
  • Production Unit 1: Industrijska zona bb 22330 Nova Pazova, Srbija
  • Tel.: +381 (0)22/323-872
  • Fax: +381 (0)22/323-873
  • Mail: info@asc-pvc.com

Company details

  • Bank account no: 160-125983-39
  • Identification number: 17317962
  • Registration number: 018 17317962
  • Activity Code 2229
  • V.A.T. No.: 101824243
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